Fairview High School shines the spotlight on two top notch golfers, Jacob Carter and Claire Cato.

Sophomore Jacob Carter was introduced to golf by his dad. Since his first game, Jacob said he has also been inspired by Dr. Jason Nash who has helped his game a lot. He described Dr. Nash as “a great teacher and golfer.”

With a few more golf seasons ahead at FHS, Jacob said he wants to make to the State Tournament and continue to play after high school.

The son of Becky and Jason Carter, Jacob currently plans to attend U.T. Knoxville and pursue a law degree.

According to FHS Golf Coach Ricky Jones, Jacob was the top golfer for the Yellow Jackets this season and his score improved throughout the year. “With a young group of freshmen next year, I expect him to be a leader of the team,” said Jones.

Freshman Claire Cato just wrapped up her first year playing golf, and she was excited to see her score improve. Jones noted, “I have never seen anyone improve as much as she has in such a short amount of a time.”

Claire said she began golfing after not making the final cut for another sport team at Fairview High. “As upsetting as that was, I believe God used that to introduce me to golf.”

Now, Claire is focused on making it to the State Tournament next year. “I never get tired of working at golf.” She added, “All my other sports are team sports and I’ve enjoyed playing an individual sport and pushing myself to be better each match.”

Coach Jones has also enjoyed seeing Claire on the golf team. “With a year of practice before next season, I expect great things from her,” said Jones.

The daughter of Bill and Amy Cato, Claire currently desires to study orthodontics at college, but has not chosen a college.

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