John Blade has resigned as the mayor of the City of Fairview.

The resignation follows news last week of Blade’s arrest on charges of shoplifting at the Target retail store in Spring Hill. Fairview City Manager Scott Collins said he received the resignation on Tuesday.

According to a statement released by the City, Blade stepped down from his seat and Vice Mayor Debby Rainey will finish out the remaining two years of Blade’s term as mayor.

The police report states Target’s lost prevention officer observed video from September 19 where a white male used the self-checkout, but did not scan all the items inside of his shopping cart.

Upon further investigation, it was determined the suspect used his personal "Target" credit card with the name attached to the credit card being John Blade.

The report indicates the video shows Blade entered the store around 8 a.m. and used the self-checkout at approximately 9 a.m. before exiting the store with unpaid items. The report said Blade went to his vehicle and returned to the store and did the same thing about an hour later. The total cost of items stolen was $281.59.

News of Blade’s resignation came just as early voting began Wednesday for the November 3 Municipal Election which will decide four seats on the city commission. Blade’s seat was the only seat not up for election with his term set to expire in November 2022.

New Mayor Rainey is among the candidates on the November 3 ballot to fill a city commission seat. Collins confirmed her name cannot be removed from the ballot at this late date. And if Rainey is one of the top three vote getters, that seat will be considered vacated and the city will have to hold a special election to fill the vacated seat.

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