The City of Fairview recently received a grant from State of Tennessee totaling $236,000.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and the General Assembly agreed in June to offer Local Government Support Grants in response to local government needs and the impact of COVID-19 in Tennessee. They also determined the funds could be used to offset the loss of local revenue or supplement local revenue. The funds were made available and transferred directly to local government accounts.

“We ordered, as part of that money, four patrol cars to replace some aging units in the police department. Those have been delivered to the dealership and they are being outfitted with lights, sirens, those sorts of things,” advised City Manager Scott Collins.

The city has also ordered replacement computers for all city patrol vehicles and fire vehicles.

The grant funds will also be used to purchase a new front door for city hall which will make the doors more ADA accessible and user friendly. “We will likely put that work out to bid in the next 60 days to make sure that work is completed hopefully in this fiscal year,” shared Collins.

Williamson County and county municipalities received the following grant allocations:

Williamson County $2,880,481

Brentwood $ 967,954

Franklin $ 1,815,648

Nolensville town $228,880

Spring Hill $945,046

City of Fairview Grant Breakdown

City I.T. Infrastructure - $31,000

City Hall A.D.A. Improvements - $35,000

Police Vehicle(s) - $50,000

Police/Fire Mobile Data Computers - $66,000

Fire Dept. Service Truck - $46,594

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