It happens every four years. Williamson County completes a county-wide property reappraisal process. And chances are property taxes across the county will increase based off of home value reappraisals.

2021 is a reappraisal year.

The Fairview City Commission recently passed an $8.9 million budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 which started July 1 and runs through June 30, 2022.

As part of the earlier city budget discussion, City Manager Scott Collins alerted the commission, that once property tax reappraisals were complete, the city could see an additional $500,000 in tax revenue.

Collins recently confirmed, “That revaluation has generated higher property values.” So, while the city’s property tax rate did not change, the increase home values will cause local homeowners to dig a little deeper in their pockets to buy property taxes.

Collins clarified the change is coming from the county reappraisals and not any tax rate increase implemented by the city. He also noted the city will be able to use the additional revenue for capital projects and much-needed infrastructure improvements including substantial bridge work.

Some citizens recently addressed the city commission, asking them to consider lowering the property tax rate to counter act the reappraisals.

Marshall Walker, of Northwest Highway, referenced current economic conditions and added that Fairview has one of the highest rates of unemployment and some of the lowest incomes in the county.

“Everybody is getting hit with inflation…gas pump, grocery store. I just think to raise the property tax, even where there is a proposed need for that, is just tone deaf to what people are dealing with right now,” said Walker.

City Commissioner Brandon Butler explained that other communities across the county are very heavily sales tax driven. “We don’t receive as much. We rely very much on our property taxes for our income revenue,” stated Butler. He also noted some of the other cities do not have their own fire and police service.

Collins did acknowledge that some municipalities will increase the tax rate and then “adjust the rate down” on a reappraisal year. However, Fairview has maintained the same tax rate since 2015.

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