City surveys road paving needs, examines funding options

Fairview area residents are happy to see new pavement along some streets around Fairview – but there’s a lot more areas where new asphalt is needed.

Fairview City Manager Scott Collins said, “Resurfacing and road repair is an all-day discussion.  That said, we take in a few factors when we consider resurfacing.” Those factors might explain why your road hasn’t been paved – yet.

Collins said the city looks at four main factors.

  • The type of road, and we have three primary types:  Collector roads (Chester Road, Cox Pike, etc.), Commercial streets (City Center Way, etc.) and interior subdivision streets.
  • The base layer condition of the road (does it need a simple resurfacing or does it need substantial base layer repair)
  • Related infrastructure repair (will the resurfacing or base layer work affect drainage infrastructure or require infrastructure improvements).
  • Cost, available funds, budgeting or other financial resources.

Recent resurfacing projects have included Henry Road, King Road, a section of Horn Tavern Road, and Old Franklin Road. 

The city recently compiled a resurfacing list for this budget year. The bid will include interior streets and that will be part of a multi-year resurfacing plan, according to Collins.  The city also has an annual resurfacing schedule which will be funded with annually recurring funds.

City staff have been working on a list of collector road needs and costs.  Example roadways are Chester Road, Northwest Highway and Old Nashville Road.  However, Collins noted, “Chester Road cannot simply be resurfaced.  It will have to be rebuilt including drainage improvements and utility relocation.  Early estimates for Chester Road alone are $3 million.” 

Collins advised that Northwest Highway and Old Nashville Road both have to be widened, rebuilt and utilities relocated.  “That work is estimated to be $7 million combined.  Obviously, this work cannot be budgeted annually from recurring funds and will have to be funded by other sources.” He suggested the city will be looking at bonds and federal and/or state grants as possible funding sources.

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