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The Fairview City Commission and the Fairview Municipal Planning Commission will hold a joint work session on Tuesday, June 8 at 6 p.m. to discuss the Master Development Plan for Fairview Town Center.

The plan calls for the development of a 52-acre parcel of land located to the north of Fairview City Hall with road frontage on Fairview Boulevard to the east and adjoining the recently rezoned Groves property to the west.

Currently, the property is zoned RS-40, Single Family Residential with proposed zoning of Main Street Mixed Use Planned Overlay Development.

The Fairview Town Center Development is designed as a mixed-use community, integrating diverse housing types, retail, restaurant, office and community services.

David McGowen with Regent Homes will also be in attendance to answer questions during the discussion about the proposed development.

After the work session, the Fairview Planning Commission will hold their regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Items on the agenda under New Business include:

• PC Resolution PC-27-21, Annexation, Lampley Property. 114 Acres. Map: 021, Parcels:062.00 and 063.00. Property Owners: Norman Lampley

• PC Resolution PC-28-21, Rezoning, William C. Sullivan and Katherine Sullivan. Current Zoning: CG-Commercial General, Proposed Zoning: RM-12 Multifamily. 37.14 Acres. Map: 046, Part of Parcel: 87. Property Owners: Estate of Laura Katherine Sullivan

Under Old Business, the PC will discuss and take action on:

• PC Resolution PC-24-21, Subdivision Regulation Interpretation, Sam Burgess Major Subdivision, Map: 047, Parcels: 92.02, 92.03, 92.04. Applicant: Joe Chapdelaine

Followed by reports from the planning staff and city engineer.

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