The Fairview City Commission unanimously approved MSMU-TCOD, Main Street Mixed Use Town Center Overlay District zoning of 52 acres near city hall for the proposed Fairview Town Center development.

During the public hearing prior to the vote Thursday night, the board heard from a few citizens opposing the development, citing concerns about storm water runoff, traffic and noise.

David McGowan, president of Regent homes, and Greg Tidwell, architect for Regent Homes, offered a brief overview of the proposed development prior to the vote.

Tidwell said Fairview’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan identifies the area as “one of the best locations for future growth” being adjacent to city hall and the Bowie Commons shopping center.

He also noted the property is divided by a TVA easement with the plan to develop a Town Center environment with multi-family townhomes to east of TVA easement and transitioning to single-family homes to the west of the easement with the property connecting with the proposed Groves development. He advised the residential areas will have green space, sidewalks, front porches and alleys to the rear of the properties.

Addressing citizen concerns, Tidwell said, “Storm water is a major concern of ours…In analyzing the site and looking at the property and the topography and the watershed, the watershed is generally coming from the north to the south on this site. So, we are having to take into account offsite coming onto our site from the north as we are sizing our storm water treatment engineering.”

McGowan shared, “Regent Homes has been recognized by several institutions including the State of Tennessee for smart growth awards as well as recognition for use of rain gardens.” He added Regent has maintained good water control on the properties they have developed.

Commissioner Brandon Butler said the property has been dedicated as a future town center overlay area since the late 1990s, and has been town center vision shown in the city’s 2020 and 2040 Comprehensive Plans.

“It’s kind of exciting to finally see it coming together and filling a void,” said Butler, who added that the development will also include needed civic space, the start of a greenway and additional perimeter trails.

McGowan advised that Regent has already been contacted by some commercial entities expressing interest in the development.

The property is located to the north of Fairview City Hall and Bowie Nature Park with road frontage on Fairview Boulevard to the east and adjoining the recently rezoned Groves property to the west.

The Fairview Town Center Master Development Plan shows a mixed-use area with 534 housing units, ranging from multifamily dwellings to townhouses to one-quarter acre lots with single family homes. The plan also includes 15,180 square feet of retail space, 17,160 square feet of restaurant space, 50,160 square feet of office space, and 28,710 square feet of community facilities. Amenities include a town square, a paved greenway that connects to Bowie Park’s Perimeter Trail, plus several other public spaces.

Owned by the Abernathy family, the property is being purchased by Regent Homes, who is also the developer and builder for the Groves property development off Wayne’s Lane.

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