Fairview numbers released December 14.

Fairview numbers released December 14.

 Williamson County Schools is releasing the most up-to-date COVID numbers for each school building weekly. The information is posted on the WCS COVID-19 webpage https://www.wcs.edu/covid-19 each Monday.

The following data is based on numbers reported December 14.

Below is an update on COVID-19 cases in the WCS community:

  • 49 Staff members in Isolation with a confirmed positive case
  • 120 Staff members in Quarantine due to exposure to a positive case
  • 185 Students in Isolation with a confirmed positive case
  • 1720 Students in Quarantine due to exposure to a positive case

Students are reminded that washing hands, wearing face masks and social distancing are critical to stopping the spread.

For age-related data, you can visit the state's COVID-19 dashboard.

COVID-19 process for WCS,WCHD

Additional guidance on quarantine can be found on the State’s website. Individuals identified by the Health Department must follow the quarantine requirement. Medical provider documentation of a negative test will not shorten the quarantine.

Upon receiving a report of a positive COVID-19 case in the district, the Health Department will be notified. Williamson County Schools staff will provide a school contact tracing worksheet, seating charts, classroom diagrams, lunch contacts, transportation contacts and extracurricular contacts to the Health Department for its staff to determine which students may have been exposed.

The Health Department says that when information is received, it will begin its contact tracing; and within three business days, the State's contact monitoring team will notify individuals who are required to quarantine for 14 days. Quarantine is a Health Department requirement. The Health Department will also inform students when they may return to campus.

If your student is identified as someone who has had close contact to COVID-19, you will receive an email from NoReply.WCHD@tn.gov. We suggest you add this email to your contact list or safe senders list so that it does not go to your SPAM folder. This email is directly from the Public Health Department and will explain the necessary steps for you to take.

The Health Department will provide a list of students and staff that require quarantine to Williamson County Schools. The administrators are notified of this report and can provide teachers the student information so that the student can begin remote learning.

For any school related questions, you can reach out to your school administration. For any COVID-19 related questions, please email your questions to the health department at WCHD.COVID@tn.gov.

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