Tale's from Out West of Town: Spring done sprung in the parking lot

Jerry Cary

Not sure about over at your house, but we been gettin’ a right smart amount of rain out west here. So much that the old hunnerd highway asphalt has crumbled and the whole road has turned to mud. I ain't been to town since it started raining. I've been afraid to risk it since I don't know how deep the mud is out there on hunnerd highway.

But now, I did see a might strange thing the other day.

My good friend Ronnie Sullivan lives down here below me up towards Hickman County. I hadn't seen him in a while, but I was down at the mailbox the other day checkin’ the mail when I saw a ball cap floatin’ up the road. Just a floatin’ right up the hill.

I stood on the bank where I wouldn't sink up in the mud and I retched over and picked the cap up. There was ol’ Ronnie's head up under that cap. I said, “It's a mighty muddy day for a feller to go for a walk ain't it brother?” Ronnie come back, “Why I ain't a walking, I'm on my tractor.”

Well, I said, “Shaw, which one?” He said, “That big John Deere, and I'm a pullin’ my round baler behind it. Can’t you see it?” I shook my head, “Naw, I reckon the mud's just a lil’ too deep.”

Another thing I saw the other day, before it started raining, was all that digging equipment out there in the middle of the Publix parkin’ lot. I thought maybe they were going to put in a gas pump or two and a little shed to sell beer and cigarettes out there in the parkin’ lot. Sorta like the Walmarts over at Dickson has, you know.

I remembered it long enough to get in the store and that’s where I saw Richard. I asked him about all the fuss in the parkin’ lot, and he said they had found an underground stream out there. A spring right in the middle of the Publix parking lot. Now ain't that somethin’?

Wondered why they didn't find it when they was first building the place. I happen to know that Publix is a Florida company and, knowin’ that, I wondered why they didn't just bring the spring up and make a local attraction out of it, you know, like the ones they have down in Florida, like Rainbow Springs, or Silver Springs, or Weekee Wachee Springs.

I even come up with a name for it, being here in town in Fairview and not much other stuff to be observing, we could call it “We Can Watch This Spring”. But then I got to really thinkin’, and I had a better idea. It's not far up the hill to that main water tower up there by the fire department, you know, the one with all those cellular antennas and all the buzzards sittin’ on it.

I thought how the city could use that spring as a water source. It'd be a good back up if they was to ever have another leak like they did over on 96 that time that drained all the water tanks before they figured out where to look and find the leak.

Now, I'm not being critical of the water department or nothin’. Water leaks can be hard to find. I know, we had an old toilet one time that I thought I never was going to get it to quit leaking right there where the water tied into the tank.

Well, I guess that's about all I got to write about this time. It's not all I've seen about town, but I'll save the rest of it for the next time. Y'all can believe it or not. Don't matter to me. Yours truly, Jerry Cary.

A little bit about Jerry Cary

Jerry Cary is a native West Tennessean. He was born and raised on a small Carroll County cotton farm, one of eight siblings. He was schooled at Yuma Elementary and Clarksburg High schools, where after graduation he enlisted in the US Air Force. He was trained in telecommunications and upon his discharge he began a 43-year career with AT&T and associated telecommunications companies.

Jerry met and married his wife Helen while working for AT&T Long Lines in Jacksonville, Florida. They have five children. They have lived in Fairview since 1985, having moved here from the Jackson, Tennessee area, and they love it here!

You may have seen them riding their horses around town, all around town like through the drive-in windows at local establishments or in Bowie Nature Park.

Jerry enjoys telling stories and has had much success in liars’ contests, having won the Dickson Old Timer’s Day Liars Contest five times, the Mule Day Liars Contest three times. He has even won the Texas State Liars Contest. To some people, Jerry is fondly known as “Mr. Liar”.

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