MSF_Skatepark ramp

Local teens are building their own ramps to fine tune their skating skills.

One local resident has started an online petition asking Fairview to support the construction of a skate park. The petition to Fairview’s mayor, started by Charley Stubbs, states, “Many kids and adults love skating, scootering, biking, etc. Having a skatepark in Fairview could bring us together as a community while doing something that many people love to do.”

Over 300 people signed the petition in the first week, and the support is currently nearing 400 after only a little promotion.

Fairview Mayor Debby Rainey responded to a social media post about the petition, stating, “Instead of signing an online petition that commissioners may or may not see, do the research. How many people living inside the city limits of Fairview would truly be interested in this type of venue? How do other cities handle their venues, what would be estimated costs? What have been problems? How could those be addressed? Then get on the agenda to come and speak to the BOC.”

One skatepark supporter suggested the petition is the first step and a way to provide an idea of how many local residents are interested in adding a skate park to the city’s park system.

The petition can be found at

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was written for the Fairview High School newsletter The Swarm

Would a skatepark be good for Fairview?

By Apryl Johnson

FHS’ The Swarm

Imagine, it’s a Saturday night and you have nothing to do. You could go hangout at Sonic or Dirt Cheap like you do every weekend, but what if there was something else for teenagers to do in Fairview? What if, there was a skatepark!

The popularity of skating is on an uprise, and new skaters are constantly joining the trend. Out of 97 teenagers in Fairview, 96.9% said that Fairview should build a public skatepark, and 72.2% said that they would go to a skatepark in Fairview. One respondent said that skating is a “healthy and popular activity that people love.”

Many people believe that a public skatepark would be a great way to encourage adolescents to get active. Another stated, “There’s a large number of people in Fairview interested in skating that don’t have anything to practice with. Also there aren’t many skateparks near Fairview, meaning businesses could benefit from people in other cities coming to skate (in Fairview).”

A skatepark would open up new opportunities for skaters in Fairview and possibly attract new people to our city. Furthermore, a skatepark would bring people together, and it would make our community stronger.

Because there are not any skateparks within reasonable driving distance of Fairview, some of our own Fairview High students have taken matters into their own hands. Many members of Fairiew’s skate community have taken their time to build ramps, boxes and a quarter pipe. Some have purchased grind rails. They load up all of their equipment and meet up in different places around Fairview. They truly have built their own mobile skatepark. This exemplifies how badly the Fairview skate community wants a skatepark, and it proves a skatepark would be used.

As of now, there is no place for teenagers to skate. This has led to many people skating on the roads, sidewalks or parking lots which is a safety concern. If there was a skatepark, skaters would have a much safer public space to do what they love.

A skatepark would be a great addition to Fairview, and many citizens hope to make this idea a reality.

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