GUEST COLUMN: Deep loathing of most all things technological

My son Buck deep into his tech toy while I enjoy reading a book. 

I have a deep loathing of most all things technological. I was most likely the last of my age group to give in and get a "smart phone."

And I H.A.T.E. T.H.E.M.

My kids both received tablets from their Nana (my mom) because I literally will not waste my money on them. The dislike is deep, y’all.

I miss thumbing through old encyclopedias that have a back story of integrity. And historically sold door to door, face to face.

I miss the liberation of not having ALL the information at my fingertips. Seriously, ignorance IS bliss.

I miss old library books with the handwritten check out card neatly tucked in its book jacket. I miss your promissory name in print or cursive that you will return that book safe and sound just as it was when you checked it out.

I miss people having conversations over a big mustard-colored telephone fastened to the wall. The excitement when the phone rings and not knowing who was on the other end. With a coiled cord so long you can reach your porch or hide out in the laundry room for privacy.

I miss people’s FACES looking up or straight instead of down. My heart breaks for all the things we all miss... because we are too occupied with these technologies.

I could go on and on... but I know I'm in the minority with my feelings.

I try hard not to pass my absolute detest of this issue on to my kids. Rather just provide them with a more than healthy balance. I know they are growing up in a world that is very different than the one I grew up in. Unfortunately, that means I must grow and adapt... to some degree.

Today, I allowed Buck to play on his iPad for a little bit while I sat outside to read my book. My physical, actual book. My words can spill out all day long, but it’s my actions that hopefully stick.

In a world full of false realities, I hope we choose to be real. And while the whole world is looking down... I hope my family and I continue looking up.

About Whitney

Born and raised in Fairview, married my high school sweetheart, mom to a son Buck and daughter Loralie. I would describe myself as a good ole southern mama... classy, sassy and a tad bit trashy!

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