Williamson County EMA moves to Level 3, partial Emergency Operations Plan amid COVID-19 crisis

Williamson County Emergency Management Agency (WCEMA) announced Thursday the afternoon theh Williamson County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) a move to a Level 3: Partial Activation due to the advancing COVID-19 situation and based on the the Williamson County Emergency Operations Plan.

At this activation level, the EOC will be staffed with key personnel needed to manage the COVID-19 State of Emergency declared by the State of Tennessee. WCEMA has 5 levels of activation, with level 5 indicating normal operations within the County.

Staffing for Level 3 activation has included WCEMA and emergency support coordinators from the Williamson County Health Department, Williamson County Government, City and Town partners, as well as private sector partners.

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson stated, “We continue our preparations, as a whole community, to work together in an effort to handle COVID-19 impacts to Williamson County. It is important that we all work together to ensure that our neighbors have the resources they need. We can accomplish this by checking on our neighbors by phone or in a manner that is consistent with social distancing recommendations, staying home when we are sick, and staying informed by accessing credible sources.”

A Level 3 Activation event or incident is one which requires close attention to evolving events by emergency services and other key personnel to ensure public safety and the continuation of key services.

The EOC has been working with City, County and private partners to facilitate briefings, plan for future operation periods, and document the current status of the County related to the COVID-19 situation.

WCEMA is working very closely with the Williamson County Health Department to gather and disseminate pertinent information regarding its current operations and reporting requirements to the State Health Department.

“The health department is currently offering COVID-19 assessment at our Franklin and Fairview locations for those who are at high risk, symptomatic, or don’t have a medical home” reported Williamson County Health Director Cathy Montgomery.

“Most people - particularly those with mild or no symptoms - do not need to be assessed as supplies are limited.” Additional testing supplies have been ordered and are expected soon. Mrs. Montgomery also added the health department is only providing essential services at this time in an effort to focus on following the guidance provided by public health authorities and mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

“We encourage our patients and others requiring services, to call the health department for more information.”

In an effort to provide a way for Williamson County residents to receive Coronavirus impact information in a consistent and convenient manner, Williamson County Emergency Management has launched an opt-in text service for Williamson County Coronavirus updates. To opt-in to the text update service, individuals can text keyword WCCOVID to 888-777.

Williamson County Emergency Management has also developed a page on its website with specific information regarding Coronavirus impacts at www.williamsonready.org/Coronavirus

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