The Bowie Playground Build Committee is excited to announce they will be hosting Super Sign Saturday this Saturday, June 5 to raise funds needed to start construction on the future Treehouse Playground in Bowie Nature Park.

A host of local businesses have already shown their support for the playground build project by purchasing the “Proud Supporter Treehouse Playground” signs. See page A9.

This Saturday, the committee volunteers will be setting up booths to allow any individual or business can donate $50 and receive a Proud Supporter sign.

The Playground Committee has permission from the following businesses and organizations to set up a booth for their Super Sign Saturday fundraiser:

• Fairview Ball Park on Highway 96

• Tractor Supply Company on Fairview Blvd.

• Meseck Family Chiropractic on Fairview Blvd.

• Walmart

• Nando’s Burrito & Taco Shop

You can stop by any of the locations from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and donate $50 to receive your Proud Supporter yard sign.

Volunteers are also needed to help man each of the booths, offering two shifts from 8 a.m. to noon and noon to 4 p.m. Other businesses are willing to let them set up on their premises if they have enough volunteers to man the booths.

The Playground Build Committee’s goal is that every person and business in Fairview and beyond would support this playground build with their time, talent, and resources. And we need you to help us get that mesage out to your neighborhood, friends, and family.

Twenty-two years ago, with a common vision and love of community the people of Fairview built the original Treehouse Playground. Many believe that same passion and love is still alive and strong in the hearts of people in our community.

Representatives on the build committee expressed thanks to all of our local business supporters and hope they will continue to work with the fundraising efforts to bring the playground to reality.

The Bowie Playground Build Committee is constantly searching for new ways to raise the funds needed to start the construction of the future Treehouse Playground.

One build committee member commented, “We are ready to PLAY!”

Find our more about the Bowie Playground Build project on their website You can also email them at for more information or to volunteer. You can also donate online anytime at

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