The Fairview Animal Clinic is under the new ownership and operation of Danielle Stensby Grigsby.

Originally from Winchester, Tennessee, Grigsby graduated St. George’s University and the University of Tennessee Veterinary School.

After graduating from vet school, she completed a rotating internship in surgery, medicine and emergency care at Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Franklin.

“After my internship, I worked at Southside Animal Hospital in South Nashville. I love my last clinic and miss them dearly. However, it was time to pursue my dream of practice ownership,” shared Grigsby.

She continued, “I love animals. I often feel a deep connection to my patients and practice every day as if they were my own. My family always called me ‘Dr. Doolittle’ because I’ve always felt like I knew what my four-legged friends were thinking or feeling, whether or not I actually did.

Like most veterinarians, I have had a passion for animals for my entire life and feel as though God has led me to this profession.”

Grigsby said she chose the Fairview Animal Clinic due to the location as well as the high medical standards that Dr. Russell Anderson had in place. “He really impressed me with his dedication to practicing high quality medicine in a more rural setting. I am from a small town, so this really spoke to my heart,” said Grigsby.

Fairview Animal Clinic will continue the same hours of operation as well as offer a little bit earlier service of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I hope to continue Dr. Anderson’s legacy of offering good quality medical care to the Fairview community,” Grigsby stated.

Her first official day at Fairview Animal Clinic was March 17. However, she noted, “I had been using my days off at my old clinic to come and get to know the staff and the people of Fairview. Overall, it was a fantastic transition. I cannot thank Dr. Anderson enough for being so welcoming to me.”

Grigsby and her husband have two children, Evangeline, age 4, and James, age 2. They also have three dogs, Honey, age 11, a rescue golden retriever, Millie, age 11, a rescue Dachshund, and Charlie, age 2, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a rescue cat that wandered up to the last clinic where she was working.

Excited to serve the community, Grigsby said, “Fairview gives me a since of nostalgia as it reminds me of the community that I was raised in. It already feels like home.”

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