Fairview's earbud collection campaign for students a success

Fairview Mayor John Blade (center) and State Rep. Sam Whitson (right) presents donated ear buds to Fairview High Principal Dr. Kurt Jones. 

The Fairview community once again demonstrated how they can quickly pull together when a need arises. Recently, it came to the attention of city leaders that there was a need for ear buds due to more students learning virtually on their laptops.

According to Mayor John Blade, “There are Fairview students that may not have access to earbuds for their laptop computer used to attend virtual classes.” In particular, earbuds with the mic are needed so that students can answer the teacher without having to disconnect.

Mayor Blade and Vice Mayor Debby Rainey adopted the project and began conducting a drive to collect earbuds. They started by promoting the need on social media. The response was incredible with  many in the community began searching for and sharing the best source options at the most economical price.

“I know I can count on our wonderful community to show up loud and proud as we always do when there is a need,” stated Blade.

State Representative Sam Whitson was impressed with the project and also joined the effort to spread the word on social media accounts.  “John had already collected a box full, but more are needed,” stated Rep. Whitson.

When Blade arrived to deliver donated earbuds at Fairview High School, he shared, “We are displaying the well over 225 pairs of earbuds that have been donated thus far. Thank you all for your generosity!”

As of press time, the donations had increased to over 300 donated earbuds.

If you are able and would like to donate, donations of earbuds or cash are still being accepted at FirstBank, 2202 Fairview Boulevard.

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