November city commission election  another 2020 anomaly

Just when you think 2020 could not get any stranger, Fairview city voters may need some help deciphering the November municipal election ballot.

August 20 was the qualifying deadline to enter the city commission race to be decided on November 3.

After Thursday's withdrawal deadline, the Williamson County Election Office has identified seven candidates in the running for a seat on the Fairview City Commission.

The November 2020 municipal election offers a unique twist compared to those of the past. In an attempt to adjust the city commission election structure, the five-member board voted to stagger terms where voters in the future will elect two seats every two years.

As a result, the 2020 city commission race has four seats up for grabs – but in two separate contests with varying terms. That means a candidate can have their name on the ballot in two separate contest – and could win two seats, requiring a special election to fill the unwanted seat.

In one contest, voters will pick three names from seven candidates. Those candidates are Lisa Anderson, Derek Burks, Brandon Butler, Rod Dawson, Scott Lucas, Christopher McDonald and Debby Rainey.

The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will win a four-year term. The candidate receiving the third highest number of votes will be seated to a two-year term.

In a second contest on the same ballot, voters will decide one winner from two candidates to fill a city commission seat with a two-year unexpired term. Candidates qualifying for that race are Rod Dawson and Greg Dewire.

The only city commission seat not up for grabs in November will be the seat held by Mayor John Blade.

Burks, Dawson, Lucas and Rainey currently occupy a seat on the Fairview City Commission, each seeking a second term in the November municipal election. This is the first time – and possibly the only time - four seats on the city commission will be decided in one election since the city’s incorporation in 1959.

According to the Williamson County Election Commission, the voter registration deadline for the November 3 election is Monday, October 5. Early voting will run October 14-29.

With the Presidential and State races also decided in November, election day lines are expected to be long with early voting encouraged.

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