FAC fundraiser

Resident oil painter Jackie Mickler gives a plein air demonstration at Bowie Nature Park. 

When the idea of creating the Fairview Arts Council (FAC) first arose in the summer of 2018, it was just a few of local artists getting to know each other in hopes of promoting the arts in the community.

Founding FAC member Jill Turpin shared, “We built trust quickly, because we knew we all wanted the same things. We wanted to find people who understood us, to feel like we belonged. We wanted to develop and share our creativity in an encouraging environment. We wanted to learn, grow, succeed, and give back from what we accomplished.”

Looking back, Turpin said the FAC was never about art, crafts, music or poetry, “It's about a community that celebrates and supports the individual creativity that brings people together and makes the world a more beautiful and caring place.”

The FAC’s membership and activities have been growing ever since – that is, until the COVID-19 pandemic. “As with many businesses, the pandemic has severely limited our activities this year, just as we were gaining steam and we are working to restructure everything,” stated FAC board member Aaron Grayum.

He explained, “Our mission is to develop and support the arts in Fairview, Tennessee through collaboration, education and engagement with our community. We want to enrich our surroundings with the creativity, diversity and beauty that come with the expression of local arts.”

To further develop and expand community interaction and opportunities requires funding and that has been reduced by the absence of events, classes and activities.

So, recently the FAC launched a Go Fund Me campaign for the month of September, in hopes the community will support the arts at the local level. Anyone can make an online donation at fairviewartscouncil.org/campaign.

FAC fundraiser

The Fairview Arts Council hosts a variety of events including music concerts and visual art exhibits. 

Turpin explained, “Your support directly impacts our local art community and will help the Fairview Arts Council to continue moving forward by assisting us with our ongoing operating costs as we develop new programs and classes, as well as promote artists and public projects.”

FAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and instead of requiring membership fees for those involved, they rely on donations from the community.

Turpin said, “We are grateful for how our neighbors in Fairview and the surrounding communities have helped us grow! We see a bright future ahead!”

If you are interested in joining or supporting their local efforts, the Fairview Arts Council is located at 1696 Fairview Boulevard. You can also find them by visiting their Facebook page.

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