MSF_Dr Russell Anderson retires

Dr. Russell Anderson is retiring as owner and veterinarian at Fairview Animal Clinic after 41 years.

After 41 years of providing care to our community’s animals, Dr. Russell Anderson has retired from the Fairview Animal Clinic.

Originally from Indianapolis, Anderson graduated from Purdue University West in Lafayette, Indiana. He relocated to Fairview with his wife Patty and opened the clinic in July 1978, choosing Fairview because there was no veterinarian servicing the community and he saw the community’s potential for growth.

A lot has changed over the 41 years since he first opened the clinic. “We started with one reception/assistant, and there are now seven employees,” shared Anderson. The actual clinic has seen change over the years, too. “We started in mobile home, and now have a building,” said Anderson. He also noted that the clinic’s services have expanded over the years to include dental care, ultrasounds, and “just too many to count.”

Over the years, Anderson and Fairview Animal Clinic have become a household name about town, as well as, in a few pastures. Anderson recalled, “I delivered a calf one time. I told the owner that it was the first live calf I ever delivered. At that time, calling the vet was the last resort, and the owners told me they named the calf Russ.”

While most visited the clinic with their dogs and cats, Anderson also worked with Harmony Wildlife Rehab Center where he once helped rehab a bat among other injured critters.

When asked why he was retiring, Anderson explained, “I will be 70 this year, and it is time to pass the torch. After working six days a week most of my career, Patty and I need some time together.”

He and Patty, who worked at Fairview Middle School for 18 years, raised their daughter Stephanie, now married to Tyler and mother to Anderson’s grandson Crew. Anderson plans to take full advantage of his retirement, allowing more time to spend with his family and travel. Of course, he will have more time to enjoy his pets, too, which include a poodle named Millie and two cats named Daryl and the other Daryl (think Newhart).

Fairview Animal Clinic clients are invited to attend a retirement party for Dr. Anderson on Friday, April 9th from 12 noon to 2 p.m. His staff shared, “We are all going to miss Dr. Anderson, and I know the fur babies will, too!”

His official retirement date was March 16th, but he said he has filled in a few times for the new owner, Danielle Stensby Grigsby.

Main Street Fairview will feature the new owner in our April 14th issue!

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