The Fairview City Commission say they are trying to be smart when it comes to decisions on future growth and development.

At their July 15 meeting, the board denied a rezoning request for 37.14 acres at 2451 Fairview Boulevard, located between Glenhaven Drive and Cumberland Drive, from RM-8 multi-family to a higher-density RM-12 multi-family.

The main issue was the absence of a development plan detailing the proposed intent for the property.

Currently, the property is zoned CG, commercial general, which allows for commercial development along the Highway 100 frontage and RM-8 multi-family on remaining 37 acres.

The owners, the Estate of the Laura Katherine Sullivan, were represented by Ben Eastep and Barry Sullivan, who said rezoning was needed to determine the number of units and proceed with a development plan. However, commission members were opposed to rezoning without a plan.

“We’re not voting on a concept plan. All we know know is RM-12,” said Commissioner Brandon Butler.

Eastep estimated 445 units with half being apartments and half being single family, cottage and condos with commercial on the front of the property.

Under Citizen Comments, Justin Lang, of Cumberland Drive, said he was not opposed to growth, but “we don’t know what we’re going to get” without a development plan being presented.

Craig Cropper, who lives across Fairview Boulevard from the property, said “I am not against growth. The property has been for sale for a long time. It’s premiere property, but what I don’t want is 37 acres of apartments across the street,” said Cropper.

While Sullivan and Eastep said they do not intend to develop 37 acres of apartments, Butler said once the property is rezoned RM-12, it would be possible to build 440 apartments — if not by them, by a future owner should it be sold.

“Without knowing exact intent and use, it’s hard to say ‘RM-12 proceed,’” said Butler, who also noted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan shows high density in the town center and along the interstate corridors.

Butler said, “If we give you the RM12 it is set in stone.”

Vice Mayor Lisa Anderson also noted, “Our vision is we would like to have community, developers, board and planning commission all involved in planning.”

Eastep responded, “And you will have that plan.” Anderson replied, “But not right now.”

The motion to deny the rezoning request passed unanimously.

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