The August 6 election ballot includes two candidates running for Fairview City Judge - Shannon Crutcher and Shawn Sirgo. Here are their candidacy announcements.


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Shannon Crutcher

I am running for Fairview City Judge.  I was twice elected by the citizens of Fairview to the City Commission. In fact, my time as a City Commissioner was likely one of the most formative times in recent history. At the time I took office, Fairview was in the middle of a financial crisis and the culture at City Hall, particularly in the police department, was toxic to say the least.

I played an integral role in negotiating and passing budgets that ultimately put Fairview back on solid financial footing. In fact, due to the work of the City Commission, Fairview has a funded reserve that will prove crucial in the current climate. I participated in hiring the city manager and was part of the committee that selected Chief Humphreys to lead the police department.

In February 2019, the City Commission appointed me to serve as the third City Judge in Fairview’s history. I was honored to have the trust of the City Commission. I have spent the past year working closely with the court staff to expedite the court’s docket and to make the process as efficient as possible.  I drafted a sub-plan to reopen Fairview City Court that was included with the 21st Judicial District Plan submitted to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

I have been licensed to practice law in Tennessee since 2009. I am a partner at Beal, Nations & Crutcher in Franklin, Tennessee.  I have been recognized by the Tennessee Supreme Court as an Attorney for Justice based on pro bono services provided to those without the money to afford an attorney. I am a member of the Williamson County Bar Association.

As many of you know, I am a Fairview native. I am married to Amanda Crutcher. We have two children, Ashton and Jaidyn, and a chocolate lab named Briar. We volunteer with the Fairview Recreation Association where I have served as treasurer and coached softball for several years. We attend church at Grace Chapel Fairview.

I would be honored to have your support and your vote on August 6.


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Shawn Sirgo

Shawn Sirgo is a familiar face and personality in the Fairview City Court. During the tenure of Judge Lee Dryer, the Court requested that Mr. Sirgo attend regularly scheduled court dates to assist in the defense of indigent criminal defendants. On multiple occasions, Mr. Sirgo was asked by Judge Dryer to substitute as judge, which he did without financial compensation.

It was during this time that Mr. Sirgo was asked by multiple citizens to be a candidate for Judge. Although he never had ambitions for judgeship, Mr. Sirgo began to realize and appreciate how he could serve his community as a Judge.

Shawn, his wife Crystal and their two youngest children, Justice and Grace, live in Fairview where they are active in the community. Shawn is the vice president for the Fairview Area Chamber of Commerce, an active member of the Fairview American Legion Post 248, financial supporter of the Fairview Yellowjackets baseball team and band, and a member at Fairview’s Williamson County Recreational Center where Justice and Grace are active in sports and the arts.

Since 2015, the law office of Shawn P. Sirgo, Attorney at Law has been in Fairview. Shawn lives and has his law practice in Fairview. Shawn Sirgo is “All in for Fairview!”

Shawn is a skilled attorney with over 17 years of experience in administrative, criminal, civil and corporate law. However, it is his life experiences that give him the right judicial temperament to be Judge. Shawn served in the United States Marine Corps., the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Department, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office, and as a Police Chaplin with the Harahan Police Department.

In addition, Shawn is an ordained minister who graduated from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a major in pastoral ministry and a minor in christian education. He has a history of inner-city ministry, international evangelism, and youth development.  While a student at Loyal University School of Law, Shawn was an active member of the St. Thomas Moore Society.

For Shawn being a lawyer means being a servant. For him, helping others and making our community a better and safer place means sometimes working for the good of others without being paid. Shawn knows the critical role the Fairview Judge has in our community. By utilizing the tools of the office, Shawn will elevate the Fairview Court to a place where opportunities to educate, heal, and teach accountability can make our judicial system more than a revolving door for offenders. The court can also provide services to victims and members of the community by incorporating voluntary faith-based services into the judicial system. These services are endorsed by the Department of Justice and proven to be effective and are supported by charitable contributions.

Shawn is humbled by the outpouring of his community’s support. Please vote Shawn Sirgo for Fairview City Judge. See details at

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